SPSS is used for Statistical purposes and is a software owned by IBM. The software is used mainly for improving outcomes through prediction using past and current data points. Some of the companies who hire SPSS Professionals include IBM, Mu Sigma, Manthan Systems, Capillary Technologies etc. 

At Analytics Classes you'll find our trainers take practical approach to train you on how SPSS works. At the end of the training you'll find yourself equipped with practical knowledge of SPSS. With this new found knowledge you can enhance your existing statistical knowledge use it for the benefits for your own firm or to the firm you work for.  

The following are what you get trained on at our Analytics Classes: 

• Introduction to data mining

• The CRISP-DM methodology

• Best practices for data mining

• The basics of using IBM SPSS Modeler

• Reading data files

• Working with dates

• Auditing and exploring data quality

• Searching for anomalous data and outliers

• Data manipulation

• Searching for relationships among fields

• Combining data files by appending and/or merging

• Restructuring data files with aggregate

• Sampling data

• Partitioning data for modeling

• Modeling techniques in IBM SPSS Modeler

• Automatic Modeling for Binary Outcomes

• Evaluating and comparing model performance

• Deploying and using models


You invest a minimum of 32 Hours to get trained on SPSS